¨The truth that everything was an absolut success! We are very happy with the result and you were part of that success. We hope to collaborate again in the future¨

Marta Martín. Lateral Thinking. Barcelona

¨The event was great. As for David’s performance, he was exceptional, both for the quality of his magic tricks, as well as his willingness and ability to connect with all the guests. Thank you very much!¨

Itsasne Remón. Ros Events. Bilbao, Bizkaia

¨The charming David Blanco is very hard not to like, with his Spanish accent punctuating even the smallest uttering with a special quality you are immediately drawn in by him.
That’s before he even starts doing magic!!!¨

Peter Aubery, Genii magazine.


David Blanco´s Magic can be enjoyed in diferent ways:

Close-up magig, strolling magic:
(mix and mingle)

It is a magic act performed to small groups at a time. David will move smoothly from one area to another providing unusual mobile entertainment moments.

David Blanco´s Strolling Magic is extremely versatile. It can be used anywhere, where people are gathered for a formal or informal occasion. No technicals requirements. It can be done indoors and outdoors. It can be done in events where the meal is served buffet or cocktail style as well at on existing tables where David coordinates perfectly with the service. This is something that only professional magicians with true experience can do. Adapting the interventions to the rhythm of the service and to the event´s features is fundamental.

David Blanco was for years the resident magician of several VIPS London´s restaurants with this type of magic.

Stand-up magic

This is a 15 to 60 minutes long show depending on the protocol of the event. As versatile as Close-Magic and Strolling Magic, David could perform it in the privacy of a small room with capacity for 30/40 people (Stand-up/Close-up magic) or on a large stage (Stage magic) with capacity for 3,000 people, using a large screen.
This show has a great impact due to the mind reading effects wich gave him his First Prize in Mental magic (mentalism).

With his experience, in theaters and in many events during his long career as an international professional magician, David will offer an original and visual show that will undoubtedly impact the audience.

Whether it is close up or for everyone at the same time, the specialization and closeness of David Blanco will guarantee the success of the event. He will make sure that all the attendees congratulate you for your good entertaning choice and your event will be remembered for a long time.

Whatever it is, a private (wedding, aniversary) or a corporate (bussines metting, presentation) event, reserve your date, tell us how your event will be and David will take care of filling it with magic.

David Blanco and his team will create magical moments
for your events

Their experience makes them able to create unforgettable moments for your events for different types of public and in different languages. Contact us and tell us about your event.